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Nielsen study shows our programmatic approach drove 6x the usual brand effect for Hipmunk

Check out our newest case study on; Chong & Koster ran a brand/awareness campaign for Hipmunk, and drove a 6x better-than-Nielsen-norm increase in brand awareness (vs. a control group). Our approach to buying the ad space made a huge difference—we've been buying "programmatically" for years, and we're really excited to be ahead of this trend and see our proven method work with Nielsen's measurement tools, while crushing the client's goals.

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Winning the first statewide election using online ads as primary form of voter contact

With our help, No on 8 in Florida won the first ever statewide election that relied on online advertising as the primary form of voter contact. This groundbreaking study helped change how political campaigns handle persuasion messaging, winning a Gold Pollie for Best Use of New Technology. Here's our version of the study and Facebook's version of the study.

Candidate Puts 51% of budget into Facebook ads...and wins.

On Election Day, Bridget Mary McCormack won a seat on the Michigan Supreme Court. Why should you care? Because she may very well owe her victory in part to Facebook, where more than half of her late-game advertising budget was spent.

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