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Chong + Koster Team

C+K staff participate in the annual Wear Orange Day to honor gun violence survivors. #wearorange


  1. Josh Koster

    Managing Partner

    Josh Koster is the Managing Partner of Chong & Koster. He started in politics where he was one of the early pioneers of online voter persuasion, publishing some of the first case studies about online ads in politics and winning the first statewide election using online advertising as the primary form of voter persuasion. He’s also helped retailers prove online ads can move brick-and-mortar sales, helped accelerate the audience development of a number of top-tier media companies, and helped grow numerous startups and ecommerce companies. He has deep direct-response experience having driven millions of email opt-ins, millions of social media opt ins, millions of dollars in purchases and millions of dollars in donations. Although he firmly considers himself a digital strategist, along the way he’s done everything from national TV spots, radio, outdoor, and print. He has been with Chong & Koster since he was in college at Duke (where he commuted to DC to work, while still a student). On the side he occasionally teaches and guest lectures at academic institutions around the region.

  2. Tyler Hill Davis

    Senior Partner

    Tyler Hill Davis is a Senior Partner at Chong & Koster. He joined the company in early 2009 to expand the firm’s quantitative capabilities and to develop the company’s private sector business. Since then, Tyler has quarterbacked a wide array of both large-scale brand campaigns and highly-technical direct response campaigns in electoral politics, cybersecurity, travel, retail, non-profit advocacy, international sports, healthcare, television, and more. Tyler graduated with honors from the Wharton School with dual concentrations in Marketing and Management (and a minor in history), and before Chong & Koster, Tyler has also worked in traditional retail, real estate, and pre-smartphone mobile apps. Tyler and his wife are avid travelers.

  3. Dawn Perla


    Dawn Perla is a Principal at Chong & Koster. She has over 30 years of office operations expertise, handling day-to-day operations, accounting, budgeting, marketing, event planning and logistics. Prior to joining Chong & Koster, Dawn worked for a Public Affairs firm specializing in health care issues. She also served on the editorial board for Disruptive Women in Health Care®. Prior to that she worked at a consulting firm specializing in satellite based K-12 distance education programs for populations such as migrant workers and incarcerated juveniles, she also served as an onsite monitor for a multi-media based summer school program for the District of Columbia’s Middle Schools.

  4. Carlos Johnson


    Carlos Johnson is a Principal at Chong & Koster. Carlos has an extensive background in brand management and digital media in both the consumer goods and the political sector, and works with technology and e-commerce clients. Prior to joining Chong & Koster in 2017, Carlos was an Account Executive at Google where he advised Fortune 500 consumer goods companies and political organizations on digital advertising solutions. Carlos is from Detroit, Michigan, and graduated with both a BA in Marketing and an MBA from Michigan State University. When he's not launching campaigns, Carlos dabbles in film-editing and graphic design. He also loves cheering on his beloved MSU Spartans during football and basketball season.

  5. Nick Sementelli


    Nick Sementelli is a Principal at Chong & Koster. He joined the team in 2012 and is an expert in political advocacy, digital voter registration and performance marketing. Previously, he worked in the faith-based progressive advocacy world at Faithful America and Faith in Public Life. He graduated from Georgetown in 2009 with a degree in Culture and Politics. Outside of the office, he puts his professional skills to work engaging in digital organizing around urbanism issues in DC.

  6. Hillary Price


    Hillary Price is a Principal at Chong & Koster. She helps her political, advocacy, and corporate clients with acquisition, persuasion, and visibility campaigns, with a special focus on high-impact stunting buys. Before joining the Chong & Koster team in 2014, Hillary worked in political communications for Congressman Pomeroy (D-ND) and Senator Conrad (D-ND), and served as a public relations consultant for several prominent advocacy groups in DC. She also served as Communications Director on a Congressional race in 2012. Hillary is originally from Nashville, TN and graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a BA in Political Science and English.

  7. Caitlin Cleaver

    VP, Strategy

    Caitlin Cleaver is a VP, Strategy at Chong & Koster, with a focus on issue advocacy and electoral work. Caitlin has worked on a range of projects across the progressive issue set, but has deep experience in the reproductive rights and justice space. She has worked with dozens of organizations, from the largest national organizations to the smallest state-based groups, to help increase their organization visibility, build their bases of support, and create change in their communities. Caitlin joined C+K full-time in 2014 after interning and working part-time for C+K since 2012. Caitlin is from Durham, North Carolina, and graduated from Duke University with a BA in International Comparative Studies.

  8. Jillian Andrews

    VP, Strategy

    Jillian Andrews is a VP, Strategy at Chong & Koster where she works with various advocacy and e-commerce clients. Prior to joining Chong & Koster Jillian was a communications specialist for a Pittsburgh-based advertising agency working with one of the nation's top hospitals, as well as a number of women's advocacy groups and startups. Jillian graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Communication and Rhetoric.

  9. Felicity von Sück

    VP, Traditional Marketing Integration

    Felicity von Sück is the VP, Traditional Marketing Integration at Chong + Koster. Prior to joining C+K Felicity was a Director of Development at Greenpeace USA where she was responsible for the acquisition and retention of individual and mid-level donors. She got her start fundraising in college, writing thank you letters to donors while interning for a women's shelter during her semester abroad in London. Originally from New York City, Felicity graduated from Macalester College with a degree in African-American Studies. When she’s not analyzing acquisition metrics, you can find Felicity dancing with her toddler or planning her next travel adventure.

  10. Hannah Morgan

    VP, Search

    Hannah Morgan is the VP, Search at Chong & Koster. She works on a wide array of issue advocacy clients (including environmental and women’s issues), corporate and political clients. Hannah first became interested in digital communications while in college and is thrilled that she gets to spend every day fighting for causes she believes in. Prior to joining Chong & Koster, Hannah worked as an event planner and writer for The Cville, a local Charlottesville newspaper. Hannah graduated from the University of Virginia in 2013 with a BA in American Studies, specializing in popular & visual culture. In her spare time you’ll find her curled up with a strong cup of coffee and a book, doing yoga, or exploring new cities.

  11. Eric Bolton

    VP, Strategy

    Eric Bolton is a VP, Strategy at Chong & Koster. Eric has a background in political messaging and strategy, and works with various political, advocacy, and e-commerce clients. Prior to joining Chong & Koster in early 2014, Eric was a Programs and Communications Manager at Winning Connections, a DC-based political consulting firm, where he worked on dozens of ballot initiative, electoral, and interest group campaigns. Eric is from Charleston, South Carolina, and graduated with a BA in Political Science from the College of Charleston in 2010.

  12. Berlian Ayudya

    Strategy Director

    Berlian Ayudya is a Strategy Director at Chong & Koster. Before joining the team, Berlian worked as a social media marketing specialist in Sydney, Australia. She has both B2B and B2C marketing experience spanning across many industries including professional and financial services, technology, retail, government and FMCG. Berlian has a bachelor degree in Communications specializing in Public Communications from the University of Technology, Sydney. In her spare time she loves to cook up a delicious feast and enjoys a good karaoke session.

  13. Leah Kennebeck

    Strategy Director

    Leah Kennebeck is a Strategy Director at Chong & Koster, and currently works with advocacy and political clients. Leah previously worked on the communications team of Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) before coming to C+K in 2017 to translate her knowledge of the political world to the expanding digital landscape. Originally from Seattle, Leah graduated from the University of Puget Sound in Washington state with a degree in Politics and Government and Communications before moving to D.C. in 2013 to pursue a career helping further women’s involvement in politics, and the business world. In her free time, Leah enjoys hiking, camping, discovering new music, and all things irish.

  14. Devin Cordero

    Strategy Director

    Devin Cordero is a Strategy Director at Chong & Koster. He works on corporate and public affairs clients. Before coming to C+K, he worked for a successful LGBT advocacy group in Florida, and he consulted as a communications strategist and producer for various nonprofit, small business and electoral clients as well. He graduated from the University of Miami in 2013 with a degree in political science and visual journalism. He enjoys spending his free time exploring the great outdoors and volunteering for community organizations.

  15. Savannah Woolston

    Strategy Director

    Savannah Woolston is a Strategy Director at Chong + Koster, working with a variety of issue advocacy and political clients. Before joining Chong + Koster, Savannah worked as a Field Organizer in her home state of Alaska and as the Digital Director at the New Hampshire Democratic Party. She graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a degree in Political Science. In her spare time, Savannah enjoys board games, a good coffee shop, and spending time in the outdoors.

  16. Jordan Fisher

    Strategy Director

    Jordan is a Strategy Director at Chong + Koster. Prior to joining C+K, Jordan worked as the Digital Director for a conservation non-profit and served as a digital strategist for tech startups and outdoor industry organizations in Washington, D.C. and Denver. She graduated from the University of Richmond in 2010 with a degree in International Studies. In her spare time, you can find Jordan skiing, climbing, and exploring trails out West or in her kitchen baking bread.

  17. Kier Strader-Monaghan

    Associate Strategy Director

    Kier Strader-Monaghan is an Associate Strategy Director at Chong & Koster. Prior to joining the team, she served as Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s digital director during her 2018 gubernatorial bid. Kier is from Albuquerque, New Mexico and graduated from American University in 2016 with her Bachelor’s in International Relations and Communication Studies. In her down time, Kier likes to check out the DMV’s newest breweries, hike, and bake gluten-free goods.

  18. Karl Lugo

    Senior Strategist

    Karl Lugo is a Senior Strategist at Chong & Koster. Prior to joining the team, Karl worked at a national public opinion research and political consulting firm, where he worked on numerous candidate, ballot measure, and issue advocacy campaigns providing targeted, data-informed communications programs. Karl is from New York City, and graduated from the University of Virginia with a BA in English Language and Literature. In his spare time, he enjoys reading and podcasts, but mostly runs around and plays peek-a-boo with his son.

  19. Jordan Jez

    Senior Strategist

    Jordan Jez is a Senior Strategist at Chong & Koster. Before joining C+K Jordan worked as marketing lead for a global development tech platform and has led digital strategy and acquisition efforts for a number of early-stage startups in his hometown of Richmond, VA. Jordan graduated from Appalachian State University in North Carolina with a degree in Appropriate Technology in 2015. In his spare time, Jordan enjoys reading, biking around DC, beating his roommates in jeopardy, and trying out new pizza spots.

  20. Sam Batiste

    Senior Strategist

    Sam Batiste is a Senior Strategist at Chong & Koster. Before joining Chong & Koster, Sam worked as an Account Executive at Comcast Spotlight in Memphis, TN where he worked with businesses and organizations to advertise on traditional TV and streaming video. Sam is originally from Atlanta, GA and graduated from Harvard University with a degree in History with a minor in Political Science. In his free time, Sam enjoys board games with friends, hanging out with his cat, and exploring DC.

  21. Gabriel V. Laforge

    Senior Strategist

    Gabriel V. Laforge is a Senior Strategist with Chong & Koster. He joined the team in early 2018 after a decade-long career in China. Having worked under a variety of different roles with developers and publishers in the video game industry, he brings a ‘unique set of skills’ to the table that range from localization and PR to marketing and 2D animation. With a passion for foreign languages, he graduated from the University of New Brunswick with a degree in German and Economics and spent two years pursuing German and Mandarin at the Albert-Ludwigs University of Freiburg, Germany. In his free time, he enjoys drawing and animating pixel art and spends way too much time creating elaborate open-world Pathfinder/D&D campaigns.

  22. Erin Reed

    Senior Strategist

    Erin Reed is a Senior Strategist at Chong + Koster. Previously, she worked as the digital director of The American Independent, a large publisher in digital progressive news. She has taken part in over 20 candidate, issue-based, and non-profit campaigns. She has also been deeply involved in the use of data and digital tools in pursuit of equity around race, sexuality, and gender identity. She graduated with a Masters in Sociology with a focus on quantitative methodology and moved into digital progressive work after creating a very successful political predictive model in 2015. In her time away from work, she enjoys hiking, reading, fashion, and tabletop gaming.

  23. Jonathon Skavroneck

    Senior Strategist

    Jonathon Skavroneck is a Senior Strategist who joined C+K in the summer of 2019 after graduating from The College of William & Mary and the University of St Andrews with Bachelors’ in International Relations. Originally from Southwest Florida, Jonathon is passionate about media literacy, grassroots organization and the everyday impact of local politics. He enjoys the fast pace of digital and the many opportunities it provides for working with numbers. When Jonathon is out of the office, he is trying DC’s newest restaurants, enjoying the golden age of television, or shopping too much.

  24. Mégane Simões


    Mégane Simões is a Strategist at Chong + Koster. Before joining C+K, Mégane managed brand and marketing for Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, DC. Guided by her passion for data, efficiency and creativity, she graduated from the University of Maryland with a dual degree in Marketing and Supply Chain Management. When she's out of the office, Mégane can be found compulsively buying plants, attempting to roller skate and managing her cat's Instagram.

  25. Mallory Garrison


    Mallory Garrison is a Strategist at Chong + Koster. Prior to joining, she worked for the American Association for Justice as well as several start-ups and political campaigns. She earned a B.S. and a B.A. in Marketing and Public Relations respectively from DePaul University. Mallory is originally from Wisconsin, where she got her start in politics volunteering during the recall election in 2012. Most of her time outside of work is spent caring for her garden, making bread, taking strolls on her bike, and trying out dance classes around D.C.

  26. Carson Pierse


    Carson Pierse is a Strategist at Chong + Koster. She joins the team after completing her master's degree in Digital Marketing and Analytics from Regent's University London. Originally from Phoenix, AZ, Carson began her career with the BASIS Schools Network. As the Admissions Manager her focus was in marketing and student development for the opening of their fifth independent school in New York City. Outside of the office, Carson is an avid cinema and television buff and enjoys exploring new restaurants in the DC area.

  27. Matt Singer


    Matt Singer is a Strategist who recently graduated from the University of St Andrews, where he was heavily involved in competitive debating, with a degree in International Relations and Arabic. Growing up in Baltimore, he began working in the political field as an organizer for local and state level campaigns. Matt is keen to bring his love of learning to the world of digital marketing. In his free time, Matt likes to cook, travel, and watch movies.

  28. James Ebersole


    James Ebersole is a Strategist at Chong & Koster. He joined the team after completing an M.S. from Northwestern University in Data Science. Prior to that, James worked on Capitol Hill, in the Maryland General Assembly, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. He earned two B.A. degrees from the University of Maryland, College Park, in History and Government & Politics along with a Middle Eastern Studies minor. James has been principally involved in Maryland politics, working on and consulting for campaigns in analytics and marketing. He has a passion for learning new things and exploring and understanding different cultures through travel.

  29. Hallie Nolan


    Hallie Nolan is a Strategist at Chong + Koster. Before joining C+K, Hallie worked in DC as a digital strategist specializing in environmental issues and progressive politics. In 2018, she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Communications from Saint Mary's College in Notre Dame, Indiana. When she's not working, Hallie can be found searching DC for the perfect club sandwich, or playing fetch with Indy, her beloved labradoodle.

  30. Claire Regan


    Claire Regan is a Strategist at Chong + Koster. Prior to joining the team, Claire worked on a congressional campaign in upstate New York, as an account and ad trafficking manager at a small political advertising agency, and most recently as a media buyer for the Democratic SuperPAC Priorities USA during the 2020 presidential election cycle. Claire is originally from New York City and graduated from the University of Michigan in 2017 with a degree in political science. In her free time, she enjoys doing puzzles (both jigsaw and crossword), going for long runs, and finding the next dog to pet in the DMV.

  31. Saeeda Quansah

    Sr. Associate Strategist

    Saeeda Quansah is a Sr. Associate Strategist at Chong + Koster. Before joining C+K, Saeeda worked in book publishing as a Marketing, Publicity, and Sales Intern at Grove Atlantic. Before that, she was a writing lecturer at the University of Miami where she also received a Master of Fine Arts in Fiction. Outside of work hours, Saeeda can be found at the library, farmer's market, or perusing Rotten Tomatoes.

  32. Robert Williams

    Sr. Associate Strategist

    Robert Williams is a Sr. Associate Strategist at Chong + Koster. Before joining C+K, Robert went to Old Dominion University where he graduated with a B.S. in Business Marketing. Soon after that, he worked at EAB Global for 4 years. Where he grew his digital marketing skills, he has extensive experience in Facebook, Linkedin, and Google display ads. Outside of work hours, you can find him gaming, watching his favorite shows, and discussing life's biggest questions. "Does ranch belong on Pizza?"

  33. Carolyn Rosas

    Sr. Associate Strategist

    Carolyn Rosas is a Sr. Associate Strategist at Chong + Koster. Prior to joining C+K, Carolyn worked for a social media company, where she gained experience in ad campaign management which sparked her interest in digital marketing. Originally from Austin, Carolyn graduated from Austin College in Texas with a degree in Business Administration. She is passionate about environmental conservation and women’s rights. In her free time, Carolyn enjoys rock climbing, hanging out with her cats, and exploring new breweries.

  34. Bernard Asare

    Sr. Associate Strategist

    Bernard Asare is a Sr. Associate Strategist with Chong & Koster. Prior to joining the team, Bernard interned for a B2G company, where he worked on digital marketing campaigns and social media marketing. With a love for the fusion of technology and direct response marketing to solve meaningful problems, he recently graduated from George Mason University with a degree in Applied Information Technology (and a minor in Business). In his spare time, Bernard enjoys watching soccer, listening to audiobooks, and spending time with family.

  35. Adriana Deonarine

    Sr. Associate Strategist

    Adriana Deonarine is a Sr. Associate Strategist at Chong + Koster. Prior to joining the team, she worked for a medical technology company where she gained experience in email marketing and social media management further sparking her interest in digital marketing. Adriana is originally from New York City and recently graduated from The George Washington University with a degree in Sociology and a minor in Business Administration. While in school she acted as an advocate for students of color and is passionate about racial justice and women's rights. Most of her time outside of work is spent listening to and discovering new music, crocheting, and trying new restaurants.

  36. Zachary Intrater

    Associate Strategist

    Zachary Intrater is an Associate Strategist at Chong + Koster. Before joining C+K he worked as a digital organizer, registering young people to vote in the 2020 cycle. In 2021 he returned to Tufts University and graduated with a degree in Political Science and Quantitative Economics. Out of the office Zachary enjoys board games, musical theater and cooking anything that has cheese in it.


  1. Leland Hodgkins

    Creative Director

    Leland Hodgkins is the Creative Director (and a partner) at Chong & Koster. By leading a talented team of artists, he ensures the agency delivers effective, compelling creative for its clients, often on tight deadlines. Leland takes pride in producing pixel-perfect solutions to design challenges in every sphere of digital media, and enjoys working in print and other traditional media as well. He is a self-taught graphic designer, with a background in studio art, including drawing and sculpture. Prior to joining Chong & Koster in mid-2008, Leland earned a degree in Economics from Duke University. He has a love for animation, a weakness for coffee, and an obsession with details.

  2. Emily Boyer

    VP, Head of Video

    Emily Boyer is the VP, Head of Video at Chong & Koster. Before joining the agency in early 2014, Emily worked as designer for a venture capitalist group, but developed an interest in advertising during a college internship. Working at Chong & Koster has allowed her to broaden her skills as a digital artist and produce creative for clients and causes she supports. In addition to making awesome ads, Emily enjoys doing yoga, baking, and frolicking with her rescue dog. Emily was born in Miami, FL and graduated with a BFA in Communication Arts from VCU in 2012, where she specialized in illustration.

  3. Bethany Funkhouser

    VP, Design

    Bethany Funkhouser is the VP, Design at Chong & Koster. Since joining the team in mid-2011 she has had the opportunity to create unique designs for a variety of clients in the non-profit, political, and commercial world. Previously, Bethany worked as a designer in the marketing department of Lender Processing Services, a Jacksonville, FL-based company that provided technology and service solutions to the financial industry. Bethany grew up in Jacksonville and graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in graphic design. She is also a bibliophile and cat enthusiast.

  4. Erik Fong

    Director of Motion Design

    Erik Fong is the Director of Motion Design at Chong & Koster. After studying Television Production at Fairfield University, his interest in the intersection of technology and storytelling brought him to Washington, D.C. In pursuit of producing outstanding animation while engaging with new and emerging tools and techniques, Erik designs using a variety of styles across 2D, 3D, AR, VR and interactive formats. When not in front of a screen or sketchpad, Erik can be found enjoying and supporting the restaurant, coffee shop and bar scene around DC, and trying to recreate those recipes at home. He loves a good riddle, a day spent doing home repairs, and trips to small American cities.

  5. Keekee Winslow

    Associate Design Director

    Keekee Winslow is an Associate Design Director at Chong & Koster, and works on a wide variety of clients and campaigns. Before joining C+K, Keekee studied Interactive Design at American University, where she developed her skills in graphic design, digital communications, and print design. When Keekee is not designing she can be found hiking, biking or drinking a lot of tea.

  6. Patricia Covarrubia


    Patricia Covarrubia is a Designer at Chong + Koster. Her work ranges from print collateral to delightful interactive experiences. Prior to working at C+K, she worked with GE Transportation and BMW of North America to create solutions for their internal users, ranging from data visualization tools to social media educating campaigns. She also worked for different clients at FirstPage Marketing, a digital marketing agency, while pursuing a BFA in Graphic Design at Savannah College of Art and Design. She is an advocate for women in the field of design, a supporter of the Double or Nothing movement by AIGA, and lover of peaches.

  7. Katherine Monday

    Sr. Associate Designer

    Katherine Monday is a Sr. Associate Designer at Chong + Koster. Katherine’s love of animation and typography led her to Savannah College of Art and Design where she received a BFA in Motion Media Design. During her studies, her interest in news and storytelling led her to intern at NPR, where she cultivated a deeper desire to use her design skills for brands and causes she cares about. When she’s not animating, you can find her pickling veggies, baking, listening to podcasts, and exploring DC.


  1. Nick Chong

    Founding Partner

    Nick Chong is the Founding Partner of Chong & Koster. Nick started the company in mid-2007, designing and building websites out of an apartment in Arlington, Virginia. With a background in Computer Science and a passion for practicality, he persistently codes with the user experience in mind, building powerful systems while creating a user-friendly environment. Nick is a full stack developer who can build pretty much anything, including a number of ad tech tools for our internal use. His core competencies are all things code, but he can wrangle a PSD or AI when necessary.

  2. Justin B. Evans

    Technical Lead

    Justin B. Evans is the Technical Lead at Chong & Koster. Justin is a professionally trained fine artist and a self-taught developer with a passion and affinity for technology. Justin’s unique experience enables him to contribute to, and offer perspective on, the full website production cycle. Before joining Chong & Koster in 2015, Justin worked as a web designer and developer with dozens of nonprofits, government agencies, and commercial clients. In his increasingly spare time as a father of twins, Justin loves to drink coffee, draw, and watch football. Justin was born and raised in the Washington, DC area and graduated with a BFA from the Corcoran College of Art + Design in 2006.

  3. Farishta Haider

    Associate Developer

    Farishta Haider is an Associate Developer at Chong + Koster. In 2004, She began her professional career in Marketing, working as a Program Accounts Manager at Summit Marketing and then a Marketing Buyer at GEICO. Farishta’s passion for Web Development started by researching marketing solutions. Her curiosity and thirst for knowledge led to enrolling in and completing General Assembly DC’s Web Development Immersive program in 2016. Before starting at Chong + Koster in late-2018, she interned for a startup, ProTrakr, and worked at TekSystems as a developer. At C+K, Farishta merges her love of marketing and development, using the skills she’s acquired to create sites that make the most impact for clients. Farishta spends much of her spare time coding to develop her skills. As a female developer, she is active in the DC Tech and Women in Tech communities, and wants to help and support women/girls in tech, especially people who want to make, or made, a similar career/life change. In addition to coding, she loves music, TV, movies, comedy and all things pop culture. Farishta grew up in Maryland and is a proud alumni of University of Maryland, College Park’s 2004 class where she majored in Communications.